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Lottomatica guarantees the creation of value for every operator in the chain. By carrying our social initiatives and adopting policies aimed at reducing direct and indirect environmental impacts, the Group helps generate tangible positive impacts on the community. 


Lottomatica aspires to create shared value for the community, carrying out business activities in transparency and in compliance with the regulations of the sector, and working to reduce its environmental impacts.

In line with its stakeholders’ expectations, Lottomatica has focused its efforts in three directions.


Network, partners and suppliers

fornitori_small.jpgIn selecting and interacting with its suppliers, the Group adheres to the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Green Procurement Policy.

Lottomatica is also committed to creating an ESG certified supply chain.



comunita_small.jpgLottomatica is committed to pursuing sustainable growth objectives, taking into account the impacts that its activities have on the community in which it operates.

In fact, Lottomatica has always actively collaborated to carry out initiatives of public interest in well-defined areas, including work and training; legality; diversity; social inclusion; education; health; innovation and technological progress.


fornitori_small.jpgThe creation of shared value must take place with respect for the environment, with particular attention being paid to emissions, energy and natural resource consumption, waste management, and the life cycle of the products in general.

Lottomatica has therefore established guidelines in support of this commitment by drafting an Environmental Policy and a Green Procurement Policy, and by reaffirming its commitment to the efficient use of energy and other natural resources, and to the proper management and monitoring of its environmental performance.

In 2022, the Group also adopted an Environmental Management System, certified in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard. The development of an Environmental Management System allows for the systemic management of the environmental aspects relating to business processes and the monitoring of process indicators relating to environmental sustainability.