Respect and protection of the environment are essential for the development of a cutting-edge business strategy. Therefore, Lottomatica is committed to go beyond regulatory requirements, activating policies aimed at reducing both direct and indirect impacts and promoting campaigns to raise awareness and support for environmental protection.


Become Green

Caring for the environment must start from the most common daily practices, in private life as well as in the workplace. It is with this idea that the Group launched "Become Green", a large internal project aimed at achieving zero waste, maximizing separate collection and increasing the use of renewable energy.



100% Renewables

Lottomatica's commitment to energy efficiency and the reduction of polluting emissions also affects the choice of its partners. For this reason, with the aim of maximizing the use of renewable sources for its proprietary gaming halls, the Group has entered into agreements with suppliers that guarantee the supply of energy coming 100% from renewable sources.



Think About

Lottomatica participates in Think About S.r.l., an innovative startup that developed the ethical e-commerce platform "NO.W" (No Waste). One of a kind, NO.W. offers food and other consumer goods otherwise destined for disposal at competitive prices, thus creating a virtuous circle between producers, distributors and final consumers.



FAI - Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano

Lottomatica supports the Italian Environment Fund "FAI" (Fondo Per l'Ambiente Italiano) and is part of their corporate membership program — Corporate Golden Donor. This decision to support excellence enhances the company’s image and corporate identity, distinguishing the group for its level of care and concrete commitment to the arts, culture and Italian landscape.