Mission Values and Vision

Mission, Values and Vision

Mission, Values and Vision


Lottomatica is among the leading players in the gaming sector in Italy, where it operates as both a concessionaire and a retailer. The company aims to be the partner of choice for the best operators in the industry.

In terms of retail, Lottomatica wants to ensure its customers have an experience that is fun, engaging and sustainable, in high-quality, safe locations that provide players with care, passion, professionalism and transparency.

Lottomatica wishes to ensure the provision of excellent service and to this end the company focuses on taking care of its people, striving to be a place where staff are proud to work and on the ability to attract and retain top professionals.



Believe in teamwork, sharing and communication.
Act in a constructive and collaborative way, facilitating the achievement of company goals.


Work with colleagues, superiors, partners or customers, with the utmost integrity and transparency, and in compliance with the rules. Being intellectually honest and loyal to interlocutors by simplifying and clarifying complex concepts.


Know your area of action and know how to take responsibility for your work. Keep commitments made. Make decisions within your role and act with awareness. Being socially responsible, trying to find a balance between business goals and social needs, ensuring the protection of vulnerable individuals and those more at risk.


Operate respecting everyone’s dignity and paying attention to others’ needs. Demonstrate humility and education towards all stakeholders regardless of the role.
Value the time of others and yours and the needs of colleagues and partners.


Always try your best to the maximum without setting limits.
Being attentive to the quality of your work having the ambition to propose ever higher quality standards, with a view to continuous improvement and innovation in line with the constantly evolving market.


To be the benchmark concessionaire for the leading operators in the market and the best retail operator in Italy in the gaming industry