Corporate DNA


To be the first choice for our customers, creating sustainable opportunities for our people and the communities in which we operate


Create safe, unique and innovative gaming experiences, online and in-life.

Generate sustainable value for our customers, people, partners, institutions, communities and shareholders.

Sustainably innovate our industry through technological excellence and experimentation with new business, work and relationships models.



Be a team

We build solid relationships based on trust, among colleagues and with all our stakeholders. We believe in teamwork, communication and sharing, because we are convinced that this is the best way to integrate everyone’s energies towards common goals.


Enhance uniqueness

We act with respect for the sensitivities, histories, values and uniqueness of each person. We encourage the exchange of ideas and points of view, and we are committed every day to creating a working environment in which people feel free to express themselves and are motivated to contribute to the Group's mission.


Act consciously

We operate with consistency towards all our stakeholders, maintaining our commitments. We pursue our objectives with determination and responsibility, balancing business and social needs and ensuring the protection of the most vulnerable.


Exceed expectations

We are curious, proactive and flexible, we pursue excellence as continuous improvement. We pay attention to details, to the quality of our work, we plan before we act and we value best practices to exceed, every day, our own expectations.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Think beyond

We are passionate, courageous and enterprising, we do not settle, and we always want to be one step ahead. We know how to see opportunities and seize them, looking at change with enthusiasm and seeking innovative approaches and ways to best meet current and future needs.