Lottomatica considers its people to be its most important resource, one that’s fundamental for building a sustainable business model. The Group offers its employees an inclusive and stimulating work environment that guarantees high standards of safety and well-being, promotes professionalism and know-how, rewards people’s commitment, and values their skills. 

 The Group is committed to protecting and exalting the value of its resources by offering opportunities for growth, involvement, and fulfillment through dedicated programmes and initiatives in the following areas.


Health & Safety, Welfare and Wellness

Lottomatica is dedicated to maintaining a work environment that’s compliant with the highest health and safety standards, and where individual characteristics will not lead to discrimination or conditioning, guaranteeing the ability to exercise all trade union and political rights.

 Therefore, with regard to the issue of health and safety, the health promotion initiatives have been bolstered with particular attention being paid to the management of the pandemic and, more generally, preventing the spread of COVID-19. With regard to the issue of labour policies, the Human rights policy has also been supplemented with the freedom of association policy, the principle of non-discrimination, and the working hours policy, with an appropriate Smart working policy also being established.


Professional development

Professional development is one of the market competition areas in which the Group operates, and is necessary in order to attract and retain new talents, to develop their skills (including digital ones), and to build career pathways that meet its employees’ expectations.

For this reason, the Sustainability Plan provides for structured programmes in the fields of Company brand/DNA awareness, employer acquisition, People development, Management revolution, and Learning & development.


Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity

Diversity is another decisive factor for the Group’s growth, as it guarantees the broader range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives needed for sustainable development.

In order to further promote an inclusive work environment, Lottomatica drafted a Diversity Policy, which laid the groundwork for its gender diversity programmes, established the management’s responsibilities with regard to diversity issues, and introduced the monitoring of the company’s diversity performance, with specific social standards even being included within the Supplier code of conduct.