Lottomatica considers its people as a fundamental resource for building a sustainable business model. The Group guarantees its employees a work environment with high standards of safety and well-being, inclusive and stimulating

The Group places utmost attention on enhancing and nurturing people's growth, creating conditions for the full development of their abilities and the realization of their potential

People Strategy

The centrality of people is a fundamental aspect for the identity of Lottomatica, which is committed to enhancing and cultivating them, promoting individual and organizational well-being. 

With this in mind, the People Strategy was born in 2022, a medium-long term program which, starting from the corporate DNA and with the aim of further consolidating the sense of belonging to a single large group, traces the direction of development of people and the organization in terms of culture, tools, systems and processes, and in relation to the company's sustainable growth objectives.

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Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity

Lottomatica is committed to creating a work environment in which everyone can feel fully fulfilled and motivated to contribute to the achievement of common objectives, considering the inclusion and valorization of the uniqueness of people as an integral part of its DNA. 

The Group adopts corporate, organizational and management mechanisms that can guarantee respect for people's rights and freedoms, so that the principles of diversity and inclusion are an integral part of corporate conduct. The company operates impartially and does not allow any form of direct or indirect, multiple and interconnected discrimination in relation to gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, disability, state of health, ethnic origin , nationality, political opinions, social condition and religious faith. 

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Health & Safety, Welfare and Wellness

Lottomatica is committed to creating a safe working environment, adopting all the necessary prevention and protection measures, and to ensuring the right balance between work and private life, promoting the well-being of employees and their families

Lottomatica aims to create a work environment that complies with the highest health and safety standards and in which the characteristics of individuals cannot give rise to discrimination or conditioning, guaranteeing the full exercise of trade union and political rights. 

Therefore, health promotion initiatives have been strengthened and the Human Rights Policy has been integrated with the Policy on freedom of association, the Principle of non-discrimination and the Working hours policy, as well as defining a Smart working policy.