Lottomatica at the top among Italian companies on the subjects of anti-corruption and compliance. The company has indeed been awarded the prize for the best project of 2024 in the field of "Reporting Systems," during the first edition of 360 Integrity & Transparency.

This year, Lottomatica has renewed its commitment against all forms of violence in collaboration with Salvamamme, an association established nearly thirty years ago with the aim of assisting mothers in difficulty and, more broadly, supporting families in conditions of severe socio-economic distress.

A signature in favor of the spirit of collaboration among people, inclusivity, and responsibility. That's what Giuseppina Falcucci, Chief People Officer of Lottomatica, affirmed today by signing the Manifesto for non-hostile and Inclusive communication on behalf of the group.

It's called "#PowerBook – Knowledge is Our Strength," and it's Lottomatica's new format dedicated to the group's employees. It delves into current political, economic, and social issues through discussions with authors and writers from various professional backgrounds. Eight events have taken place within the company in 2023, and many more are scheduled for 2024

AGIC (Associazione Gioco e Intrattenimento in Concessione) was recently founded to represent the main concessionaire companies in the public and regulated gaming sector in Italy.

Making innovation become something of value for people. That was the subject of the debate held for the Osservatorio WTW2023. Taking part were Guglielmo Angelozzi, CEO of Lottomatica, and Giuseppina Falcucci, the group’s Chief People Officer.