Lottomatica operates with full awareness of its role in promoting a legal and responsible gaming model, respecting the consumer as a subject to be protected, and to whom we must strive to offer safe, high-quality, innovative, and engaging gaming experiences. The Group meets the highest standards of ethics and integrity, through a governance system made up of models and procedures designed to protect all of its stakeholders.

 Lottomatica Group is committed to engaging in responsible leadership as an operator, as an innovator, and as a company, focusing on clear strategic priorities.


Legal and responsible gaming

Lottomatica operates with full awareness of its role in the industrial sector of legal gaming, through proactive collaboration with the institutions and compliance with the regulatory framework (the primary rules, the gaming ban for minors under the age of 18, the Balduzzi Decree, the “Dignity” Decree, the local regulations, and the license contracts).

The Group promotes a responsible and knowledgeable approach by laying out an annual responsible gaming Programme, which is structured according to three intervention guidelines covering every area of gaming influence and governance in which the Group operates: the protection of minors, the prevention of excessive gaming, and the promotion of a healthy, responsible, and knowledgeable gaming model.


Player protection

Customer attention is guaranteed during all stages of development and delivery of the game offer. For this reason, the Group adopts a specific Responsible Marketing Policy, containing the general principles that must guide the development and choice of products, as well as information, communication and marketing.

In order to further protect the consumer and guarantee a safe and secure gaming experience, Lottomatica also adopts a number of procedures relating to privacy and cyber-security: in particular, the Procedure relating to personal data and free circulation of data, and the Data breach management & notification operating procedure.


Governance, ethics and integrity

The Lottomatica Sustainability Plan also aims to strengthen the Group’s governance by developing Business Ethics programmes, integrating ethical and environmental risks within the risk management model, and implementing procedures aimed at maintaining ISO 37001 certification (Anti-Corruption Policy, accompanied by Anti-Corruption Programmes, Anti-Money Laundering Policy).

In keeping with the principles and values of the code of ethics that guide the conduct of the business activities and the execution of the group’s strategies, this commitment has been further strengthened through alignment with the UNGC.