Lottomatica operates in a highly regulated and controlled sector, aimed at pursuing important objectives of public interest such as the protection of legality, the fight against illegal offers, the protection of consumers and, in particular, of minors. 

The Group is committed to act responsibly as an operator, as an innovator and as a company, focusing on well-identified strategic priorities, including the promotion of a legal and responsible gaming model, a central element in building a sustainable business strategy and an integral part of its daily operations. 

Lottomatica responds to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, through a governance of models and procedures to protect all stakeholders. It has always collaborated proactively with all public institutions, in particular with the Customs and Monopolies Agency, in order to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework and promote its adequacy in the face of the evolution of the markets and the challenges of the sector.

Legal and responsible gaming

Lottomatica pursues the fundamental objective of consumer information and protection, and supports an approach based on awareness, transparency and responsibility, as also defined by the Responsible Marketing Policy.

Moreover, the Group is committed to guaranteeing the highest standards of data privacy and cyber-security, regulated by specific procedures such as the Procedure relating to processing of personal data and the Data breach management & notification operating procedure

Lottomatica operates with full awareness of its role in the industrial sector of legal public gaming through proactive collaboration with institutions and compliance with the regulatory framework (primary rules, such as the ban on gaming for minors under 18, Legislative Decree "Balduzzi", Legislative Decree " Dignity”; local regulations and concession contracts). Furthermore, it promotes a responsible and aware approach through the creation of a solid Responsible gaming program, structured according to three intervention guidelines: the protection of minors, the prevention of forms of excessive gaming, the promotion of a healthy and responsible.

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Player protection and regulatory compliance

Lottomatica operates in the utmost compliance with current regulations on safe gaming, prevention of excessive gaming and protection of minors. For this reason, it pays particular attention to the evolution of regulations issued by local authorities, adapting its offer on the territory to ensure adherence to the provisions of Regions, Municipalities and other local authorities. 

In fact, the Group recognizes that it is its duty to ensure maximum protection of users, especially the most vulnerable segments of the population, and a safe and quality gaming offer, also requiring its business partners, employees and interlocutors to adopt behavior based on transparency and fairness.

All companies of the Group strictly comply with the regulations governing gaming activities and communication. In particular:

  • Balduzzi Decree (Decree-Law No.158/2012), which introduced a ban on advertisements for games with cash winnings, stipulating that any advertisements must not in any way incite or glorify the practice of gambling and must instead contain specific warnings on the risk of addiction and the likelihood of winning; 

  • Dignity Decree (Decree-Law No.87/2018), which confirmed the prohibition of any form of advertising of games and betting on any medium and provided for additional information obligations, extending to VLT machines and all areas hosting AWPs the obligation to display warning formulas on addiction risk and probability of winning;

  • regulations issued at local level by Municipalities and Regions on combating problem gambling, on proximity to so-called “sensitive places”, and on hours of operation.

Governance, ethics and integrity

Lottomatica is committed to strengthening corporate governance through the development of business ethics programs, the integration of ethical and environmental risks within the risk management model and the maintenance of ISO 37001 certification in support of policies and programs Anti-Corruption

This commitment, in line with the principles and values of the code of ethics that guide the conduct of the business and the development of the Group's strategies, is further strengthened with membership of the UNGC starting from 2022.