Responsible gaming

Lottomatica operates with full awareness of its role in promoting a legal and responsible gaming model, respecting the consumer as a subject to be protected and to whom it offers innovative and engaging gaming experiences, of quality and in total safety. 

The Group's commitment towards all its stakeholders is to implement all the necessary actions to ensure that attention to responsible gaming is a central element in the construction of a sustainable business strategy and is an integral part of its daily operations. In this regard, Lottomatica works daily with seriousness and professionalism to promote a healthy and conscious approach to gaming and supports its customers to approach these activities responsibly and within their limits.

This commitment is formalized within the Group’s Code of Ethics and the specific Responsible Gaming Program, which structures and reports on the broad plan of actions implemented to protect consumers and, in particular, to protect minorspreventing forms of excessive gaming and promoting a model of responsible, healthy and aware gaming

"Don't play if" corporate campaign

Lottomatica firmly believes in promoting a responsible and conscious approach to gaming. Promoting the dissemination of information related to the risks deriving from addiction is one of the actions that the Group pursues in the context of responsible gaming activities. 

In 2024 Lottomatica invested in an information program, with the scientific collaboration of CEPID, through the creation and dissemination of a corporate campaign dedicated to responsible gaming which involves all platforms, betting rooms and directly and indirectly managed rooms of the VLT sector with coverage of over 4,000 points of sale. 

The campaign, in addition to underlining which conditions are most at risk, invites all players to undergo the self-assessment test in order to measure the presence of any situations of propensity towards pathological gambling.

Responsible Gaming Committee

In order to ensure maximum focus on the Responsible Gaming Program at both corporate and business level, as well as its effectiveness within the broader Corporate Sustainability Plan, the Group established the Responsible Gaming Committee at the beginning of 2023. The Committee is a dedicated governance structure involving representatives of the External Relations & Communication, ESG Office, Betting & Digital, VLT, AWP & Direct Distribution corporate functions. 

In line with the indications of the ESG Committee and in coordination with it, the Responsible Gaming Committee aims to foster increasing integration between business processes and the Responsible Gaming Program, ensuring the continuous improvement of the Program and the achievement of the expected results.

Lottomatica addresses the issue of Responsible Gaming with extreme care and utmost consciousness in protecting minors and players, expressly committing itself to the guidelines of awareness, information and transparency, training and governance. 

In this regard, the company:

  • commits to put in place all kinds of activities in relation to its customers that may increase their sense of responsibility with regard to the practice of gaming itself; 
  • informs users and customers in accordance with the applicable regulations about the probability of winning, the risks of gambling and the prohibitions. Communication activities are focused on increasing players’ awareness and helping them to understand and monitor their gaming habits; 
  • trains all staff, whether they are in contact with customers and gamers or not, so that they can support and help those who do not approach gaming as a leisure activity; 
  • does not allow minors under the age of 18 to play. To this end, the Company has given precise instructions to the entire sales network not to accept requests to play from anyone under the age of 18. 


Responsible Gaming Guidelines

In the management of its activities, the Group has adopted specific guidelines that cover all areas of gaming influence and governance, raising awareness and giving responsibility to the resources that, in various capacities, work along the supply chain, from the business lines to the figures that have relations with players, in the gaming hall or through remote gaming platforms. 

Protection of minors,
by taking specific measures to prevent any form of access to gaming by under-aged individuals.
Prevention of excessive gaming,
through training, monitoring and governance tools, and support for players with gaming problems.
Promotion of a responsible model of gaming,
understood as a form of entertainment to be chosen with awareness and characterized by clarity, comprehensiveness and impartiality of information.

By virtue of these guidelines, Lottomatica develops a fruitful dialogue with all parties involved in promoting legal and responsible gaming, including employees, players, regulatory authorities, institutions and other stakeholders, implementing projects focused on the following 4 macro-areas of activity. 

National Toll-Free Number of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità
The Ten Commandments of Responsible Gaming
Self-assessment test
G4 certification for online responsible gaming
"Punto Gioco Intelligente" training programme