People Strategy

Valuing people, their skills and uniqueness is the guiding principle behind our HR strategy. We are dedicated to offering growth pathways and programmes that attribute value to people.

Lottomatica’s People Strategy is a medium/long term programme based on these premises, which tracks the direction of the organisation and its staff development in terms of culture, tools, systems and processes in relation to the company’s sustainable growth objectives.

Our People Strategy is guided by three priorities:

  • Enabling: investing in people development, and cultivating the staff’s potential and skills through dedicated learning plans, projects, and programmes.
  • Empowerment: romoting excellent organisational behaviour, performance, and processes through a strong leadership and responsibility model consistent with the company’s DNA.
  • Engagement: fuelling everyone’s passion and energy, while at the same time promoting a sense of team spirit and personal well-being, so that the staff are increasingly proud of their Group and the work they do every day.

The Lottomatica People programmes

Welfare & Well-being

An environment that attributes greater value to the individual, by creating a link between personal well-being, remuneration and motivation, and providing concrete answers, allows everyone to give the best of themselves. Through our welfare and wellbeing programs we want to contribute to improving the quality of life of our people, supporting them in their most important moments. 

Training and development 

Continuous training and professional development are key pillars of our HR strategy. Investing in the potential of people and cultivating their aptitudes and skills is essential to being a future-proof organisation. 

Remuneration policies

Our remuneration policy focuses on fairness with particular attention to the gender pay gap. Lottomatica Group’s remuneration policy reflects and upholds the Group’s medium- and long-term strategy and the principle of responsibility, with an approach aimed at creating value and sustainable results, while at the same time maintaining a strong commitment to all the stakeholders. 

Diversity and inclusion

We cultivate and value the unique experiences, individual perspectives, and experiences of the people with whom we interact and work with on a daily basis in order to further enrich our group. Inclusion is in our DNA.

Health and safety

Lottomatica puts health and safety first. Through strict protocols and constant training, we ensure a safe and secure working environment.