Remuneration policies

Lottomatica has adopted remuneration policies that focus on pay equity and the attribution of value to its personnel, with a particular focus on the gender pay gap. The remuneration policy reflects and upholds the Group’s medium- and long-term strategy and the principle of responsibility, with an approach aimed at creating value and sustainable results, while at the same time maintaining a strong commitment to all the stakeholders.

The remuneration policies also serve to ensure adequate remuneration for sustained performance, which, at the same time, makes it possible to attribute value to the personnel, to recognise an individual’s contribution to the results achieved, and to discourage conduct that is not based on honesty and fairness, or that could lead to regulatory violations. 

The Policies establish the guidelines of the Group’s incentive systems, with the aim of fostering the pursuit of long-term and short-term strategies, objectives, and results that are consistent with the general governance and risk management policy framework. 

Incentive system

Within the context of its personnel valuation policies, Lottomatica Group has a short-term incentive system based on the results achieved in relation to pre-established individual and business objectives (so-called MBO, or “Management by Objectives”), which is aimed at motivating and retaining key resources. 

The specific objectives are determined annually by the manager in charge based on the “SMART” principle, meaning that the targets must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

The incentive scheme provides group, individual and legal objectives, as well as business management and organisational development targets, all in line within the Group’s strategic priorities, even in terms of sustainability. 

The ESG objectives include initiatives aimed at mitigating environmental impacts and monitoring the value chain, implementing corporate D&I and professional development programmes and responsible gaming projects, and strengthening governance.

Performance Bonus

In addition to MBO, the short-term incentive tools also include other incentive schemes, such as that intended for the sales personnel.

In 2023 Lottomatica introduced a Performance Bonus for 100% of the Group’s corporate employees, which consists of a monetary sum that is paid to the employee in addition to their normal salary, and is linked to the achievement of specific business objectives. The company also provides non-compensation benefits for the staff’s welfare and well-being, namely the supplementary pension scheme.

Stock Options

In addition, a Stock Option Plan was introduced in 2023 in order to align the Company’s interests with those of its directors and senior executives over the medium to long term. 

The Plan has a multi-year duration and is divided into three cycles, with a Vesting Period of 3 years for the Options granted during each cycle, upon the achievement of the performance targets.

Welfare systems & flexible benefit

The employee remuneration package is completed with the company welfare/flexible benefit schemes provided within the context of that which is laid out under the applicable tax and regulatory legislation. These systems consist of services and tools of a non-monetary nature (e.g. training activities, study and education programmes, health care services, etc.) made available to employees and their families.