About us

Lottomatica is the first Italian operator in the legal gaming market authorized by the Customs and Monopoly Agency and one of the major players in Europe.

The Group is active in the following operating segments: Online (sports betting and online gaming); Sports Franchise (sports betting and gaming through the retail network); Gaming Franchise (amusement and entertainment machines). 

With approximately Euro 1.6 billion of revenues and Euro 30 billion of bet*, Lottomatica is  the market leader in all segments of operations and offers safe and engaging gaming experiences across all sales channels.

Lottomatica can count on the expertise of 2,000 direct employees and over 17,000 people employed in the specialized franchising network, with ideas, talents and experiences that are crucial for the success and achievement of the group's objectives.

The group has the largest specialist distribution network in Italy in the gaming industry, with 2,800 points of sale in sport betting and 1,130 gaming halls, and boasts distribution agreements with a very large number of bars / tobacconists.

* Financial figures as of 31.12.2023

Lottomatica is listed on Euronext Milan of Borsa Italiana. The majority shareholder is Apollo Global Management, a publicly listed worldwide leader in alternative investment management.

Our history

  1. 2023

    Morningstar Sustainalytics updates Lottomatica's ESG rating to "Negligible Risk" of experiencing significant financial impacts from ESG factors: first company worldwide both in the ‘Consumer Services’ industry and in the ‘Casinos and Gaming’ sub-industry.

    Lottomatica Group debuts on Euronext Milan of Borsa Italiana.

    Constitution of AGIC (Association of Gaming and Entertainment under Concession), a new associative entity representing the main companies licensed in the sector of public and regulated gaming in Italy. It is a member of the national Confindustria, of which Lottomatica is one of the four founders.

  2. 2022

    Gamma Bidco is merged into Lottomatica SpA. Lottomatica Scommesse is merged into Goldbet: the new company takes the name of GBO Italy SpA.

    In July, Lottomatica received an ESG rating of 10.2 from Morningstar Sustainalytics and was thus assessed as having a low risk of suffering significant financial impacts from ESG factors. This result places Lottomatica SpA in first place worldwide amongst the ninety companies in the "Casinos and Gaming" sub-industry and second amongst the five hundred or so in the "Consumer Services" industry  evaluated by Sustainalytics.

    In November, the Group signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Betflag SpA, an important operator active in all segments of online gaming operations.

  3. 2021

    GoldBet is awarded the G4 international accreditation for responsible gaming.

    On May 11, Gamenet Group completes the acquisition of Lottomatica Scommesse Srl and Lottomatica Videolot Rete SpA, leading B2C operators respectively of online/sports betting and gaming machines in the Italian market. Concurrent with the closing of the acquisition, Gamenet Group is renamed Lottomatica.

  4. 2020

    On January 27, Gamma Bidco SpA launches a mandatory tender offer for all of the issued and outstanding shares of Gamenet Group SpA. The offer is successfully completed on February 14, 2020, and, on February 26, the shares were suspended from listing on the Mercato Telematico Azionario managed by Borsa Italiana.

    On December 6, Gamenet Group SpA signs an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the investment held by International Game Technology PLC through Lottomatica Holding Srl in Lottomatica Scommesse Srl and Lottomatica Videolot Rete SpA, among the leading operators in the Italian B2C market respectively of online, sports betting and gaming machines.

  5. 2019

    Goldbet SpA and Intralot Italia SpA merge into one company, which retains the name Goldbet SpA. Through the Intralot and Goldbet brands, the Group strengthens its leading position in the sports betting segment.

    Gamma Bidco Srl (now Gamma Bidco SpA), a company formed on behalf of funds managed by Apollo Global Management, acquires 67% of the share capital of Gamenet Group.

  6. 2018

    On July 24, Gamenet Group SpA anounces the signing of a contract for the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of GoldBet Srl (now GoldBet SpA), one of the major gaming and betting companies operating in Italy. The aquisition, successfully completed on October 9, allows the Group to assume a leading position in Italy in the sports betting sector and in the online segment, to further diversify the business mix and to significantly improve the profitability.

  7. 2017

    On December 6, Gamenet Group made its debut on the STAR segment of the Mercato Telematico Azionario, organised and managed by Borsa Italiana SpA. The IPO ended with the placement of 10.5 million shares and an initial market capitalization equal to 225 million euros.

    Lottomatica launches the Advanced Video Platform product line (VLT).

  8. 2016

    Gamenet Group is established from the integration of Gamenet and Intralot Italia.

    A bond issue is carried out for a value of € 200 million, which has met with considerable success on the financial markets.

  9. 2015

    Gamenet launches a structured downstream integration programme along the entire supply chain, in cooperation with its key partners, aimed at accelerating the development of the retail business and entering into direct AWP management.

    Intralot obtains ISO/IEC 27001 certification and World Lottery Association (WLA) Security Control Standard (SCS) certification after meeting and adhering to international regulatory standards for information security systems.

  10. 2014

    Trilantic Capital Partners increases its shareholding to about 100% of share capital.

    Gamenet starts a developing programme of its presence in the retail segment, strengthening its national network of directly operated gaming rooms.

  11. 2013

    Gamenet and Lottomatica sign the new AWP and VLT license, with a duration of nine years.