Our ESG commitment

Lottomatica's strategy foresees that, in addition to achieving optimal economic performance, the impacts on people and the planet are considered as a prioprity and that sustainability drivers are  fully integrated within its daily business decisions. 

For this reason, the Group laid out and approved an extensive Sustainability Plan based on its ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) commitments, in order to integrate its business model with specific medium-long term goals capable of generating sustainable value over time, in terms of economic and financial performance, as well as in terms of sustainability performance.

The Sustainability Plan defines the program of projects and initiatives within a solid ESG strategy while achieving a plurality of purposes: 

  • to formalize the ESG objectives needed to embark on a pathway of sustainable growth, by establishing guidelines, initiatives, targets, and monitoring activities; 
  • to ensure adequate information and communication for the achievement of the sustainability objectives established by the Plan
  • to involve and empower all the people of the  Group responsible for the relevance of these issues and activities. 

The strategic pillars of the Sustainability Plan

Lottomatica’s Sustainability Plan is based on three strategic pillars: Responsibility, People, and Community and the Environment.  

These are the three areas of focus in which its corporate sustainability commitments, programmes and objectives are concentrated. Each pillar is therefore substantiated by a series of actions and initiatives that touch upon all the various operating sectors. 


Lottomatica operates in a highly regulated and controlled sector, aimed at pursuing important objectives of public interest such as the protection of legality, the fight against illegal offers, the protection of consumers and, in particular, of minors. 

The Group is committed every day to promoting a legal and responsible gaming model, respecting the consumer as a subject to be protected and to whom we can offer innovative and engaging gaming experiences, of quality and in total safety. 

Lottomatica responds to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, through governance of models and procedures to protect all stakeholders.


Lottomatica considers its people a fundamental resource for building a sustainable business model.

The Group guarantees its employees a working environment with high standards of safety and well-being, inclusive and stimulating, with the aim of enhancing diversity and developing professionalism and know-how

Community and environment

Lottomatica actively supports projects aimed at promoting the quality of life, the socio-economic development of the communities in which it operates and the training of human capital. 

The Group contributes to creating value for the community and all stakholders and to generating positive and tangible effects, through the implementation of social initiatives and policies to reduce direct and indirect environmental impacts.

Lottomatica’s ESG performance 

Over the years, Lottomatica has outlined an increasingly complex path in the management of ESG issues, thus consolidating sustainability principles and policies and strengthening the governance through the establishment of dedicated operational committees. 

The attention and commitment undertaken in wanting to achieve the highest responsible and sustainable objectives, Lottomatica has obtained important recognition at a global level, in fact it has been included among the companies with the highest ESG rating at a global, regional and sector level, as presented annually by the international rating agency Morningstar Sustainalytics. 

In line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, Lottomatica aims to actively contribute to the achievement of 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Furthermore, the Group is part of the UN Global Compact, a strategic initiative of the United Nations Organization that promotes the construction of a sustainable global economy, respectful of human and labor rights, diversity, the environment and committed to the fight against corruption. 

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