Community and environment

Lottomatica actively supports projects aimed at promoting the quality of life, the socio-economic development of the communities in which it operates and the training of human capital, contributing to the creation of value for the community. 

The Group has always promoted a range of initiatives for the benefit of the community, both directly and through the involvement of its own people and its stakeholders, aware that its business sector, organizational model and value chain make it strongly interconnected with its communities and territory. 

Lottomatica aims to create shared value for the community, carrying out business activities in transparency and in compliance with sector regulations, and working to reduce its environmental impacts. Projects range from initiatives for the training and development of young people, to the promotion of sport as a means of inclusion and empowerment of the individual, to scientific research and solidarity initiatives. 

In line with the expectations of its stakeholders, Lottomatica has focused its efforts in this area along three lines.


Lottomatica is committed to pursuing sustainable growth objectives and to considering the impacts that its activities determine on the community in which it operates. 

In fact, the Group has always actively collaborated to implement initiatives and projects of collective interest in well-identified areas: work and training; legality; diversity; social inclusion; education; Health; innovation and technological progress

This commitment is strengthened by the activity carried out by the Lottomatica Foundation, a further tool to enhance the implementation of projects for the benefit of the community and for the creation of collective value. 

Lottomatica Foundation
Social projects
Educational projects


Environmental protection represents a strategic priority for the creation of sustainable value, in the short and long term. For this reason, in 2023 the Lottomatica Group launched LESS (Lottomatica Environmental Sustainability Strategy), the environmental strategy that pursues impact mitigation objectives and promotes the adoption of virtuous behavior by its partners and suppliers, paying particular attention to emissions, to the consumption of energy and natural resources, as well as the management of waste and the life cycle of products in general.

Moreover, Lottomatica has established guidelines in support of this commitment by drafting an Environmental Policy and a Green Procurement Policy, and by reaffirming its commitment to the efficient use of energy and other natural resources, and to the proper management and monitoring of its environmental performance. 

In 2022, the Group also adopted an Environmental Management System certified in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard. The development of an Environmental Management System allows for the systemic management of the environmental aspects relating to business processes and the monitoring of process indicators relating to environmental sustainability.

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Network, partners and suppliers

The Group is strongly committed to promoting environmental protection along the entire value chain, starting from the reduction of the environmental impacts generated by its operational activities, carried out directly or through suppliers and partners, and has adopted a specific Green Procurement Policy which guides the choice of virtuous suppliers also from an environmental point of view and which, during 2023, achieved important results thanks to the extension of the use of the Synesgy platform (CRIF group and effective member of the GRI) to more than 80% of suppliers present in the Supplier Register, allowing the collection and management of information on the sustainability of companies that collaborate with Group companies through a self-assessment.