Our ESG commitment

The ambition to generate positive impacts and sustainable value for all stakeholders is an integral part of our DNA. We have defined a structured Sustainability Plan based on three fundamental pillars of strategic commitment: Responsibility, People, Community and environment.

The pillars of the Sustainability Plan

ESG rating

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Global Compact


We work with full awareness of our role in promoting a legal and responsible gaming model, respecting the consumer as a subject to be protected, and to whom we must strive to offer safe, high-quality, innovative, and engaging gaming experiences. We comply with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, through a governance system made up of models and procedures designed to protect all of its stakeholders.


People are a fundamental resource for the construction of our sustainable business model. This is why we are committed to ensuring a work environment with high standards of safety and well-being, inclusive and stimulating, which rewards people's commitment and enhances their skills.

Community and Environment

We want to create value for all our partners and contribute to generating positive and tangible impacts on society, through the implementation of social initiatives and policies to reduce direct and indirect environmental impacts.

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Sustainability report

The Sustainability Report is the tool used by Lottomatica to report not only on the economic and financial impacts of our business, but also the social and environmental effects of the group’s activity.

Responsible gaming

Lottomatica works in a constantly reliable and professional manner to promote a sustainable gaming experience and maintain the confidence and respect of stakeholders, institutions and players.

G4 accreditation

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