Welfare & Wellbeing

An environment that values the individual enables everyone to perform their best, with a particular focus on engagement and organisational performance. Our welfare and well-being programmes are aimed at helping improve the quality of our people’s lives, and supporting them when they need it the most.

Work-life Balance

Our corporate welfare efforts include flexibility solutions and measures designed to promote a good work-life balance, such as scheduling flexibility, time bank, part-time hours, and paid leave for medical visits.

In order to help parents and support them in promoting peaceful and shared parenting, Lottomatica has implemented a series of specific measures, including:

  • three months parental leave (post-compulsory leave), supplemented 100% by the company;
  • provision of additional compulsory paternity days;
  • parental leave for same-sex couples;
  • an additional month of smart-working for new mothers within three years of having the child.

In order to facilitate a healthy work-life balance, the Group has adopted a smart working policy, as a further means for attributing value to our personnel, their time, and the work they perform, which in turn has consolidated the relationship of mutual trust between the Group and its people.

Family and Education

Through the "Your child's got talent!" initiative Lottomatica rewards school merit, providing a positive incentive for young people, and a source of pride for the company. The initiatives include:

  • scholarships for children of employees who achieve the highest average grades in their study programmes;
  • contributions for the purchase of education-related goods and services;
  • reimbursement of nursery school and kindergarten fees.

Health and Well-being

An important plan of employee benefits and initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of prevention and well-being has been established for all Group employees.

Employee benefits plan:

  • a company-paid insurance package for all employees, including an occupational and non-occupational accident policy, a temporary death and permanent total disability policy, and a long-term care policy;
  • a supplementary health care plan that extends the coverage of the National Collective Labour Contract’s insurance policy, offering extra benefits: more services and affiliated facilities, higher reimbursements, reduced individual medical expenses, and the possibility of extending coverage to the entire family.

Become Healthy programme:

Through the "Become Healthy" programme, we aim to promote healthy and balanced lifestyles through:

  • monthly nutrition webinars by industry experts, with practical tips for healthier eating habits;
  • balanced menus in the company canteen;
  • collaboration with Technogym for a state-of-the-art fitness app, with customised training programmes to improve physical and mental health, and individual or group challenges;
  • organisation of sports tournaments to promote physical health, socialisation, and a sense of belonging.

Wallets and conventions

The Group aims to support the well-being of its employees through various income assistance measures and initiatives.

These measures include meal vouchers and an annual credit on the corporate welfare platform, which offers expanded access to useful services, providing flexibility of choice in an effort to improve the employee’s daily lives. 

Specific partnerships and conventions have also been established, even through a dedicated website, which allow Group employees to purchase goods and services at a significant discount, thus helping to improve their quality of life and enriching their working experience within the Group.

Sustainable mobility

We are committed to creating an environment that increasingly facilitates our people’s commute to and from the workplace, while at the same time promoting sustainable mobility solutions. 

To this end, we have launched several initiatives, including a shuttle bus service to and from the Rome headquarters, dedicated parking areas for employees with disabilities, pink parking spaces, and reserved indoor spaces for female employees working evening shifts. 

In order to promote sustainable mobility, we have also created the in-house Lottomatica car sharing App for the Lottomatica People, and have partnered with E-GAP (a company that provides mobile recharging services for electric vehicles) to offer all the Group’s employees access to this service.