Diversity and inclusion

We cultivate and value the unique experiences, individual perspectives, and experiences of the people with whom we interact and work with on a daily basis in order to further enrich our Group. Inclusion is in our DNA. In 2022, these principles led to the creation of the Group’s Diversity & Inclusion programme: Become Younique.

The Become Younique Programme

The Become Younique programme is a concrete manifestation of Lottomatica’s commitment to promoting an open culture and fostering an equitable and inclusive working environment.

As part of the programme, an extensive training and information plan was implemented involving over 1,000 Lottomatica People, who, through thematic webinars and dedicated workshops, explored key D&I issues, such as gender equality, LGBTQ+ issues, disability and accessibility, multiculturalism, and generational diversity.

D&I Governance

Established in 2023, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is tasked with establishing and implementing strategies that promote an increasingly inclusive and respectful corporate culture, with a focus on five specific areas, each of which is assigned to a Committee representative:

  • Cultural diversity, entrusted to the Chief Audit Executive;
  • Disability & accessibility, entrusted to the VLT Managing Director;
  • Gender equality, entrusted to the Chief of Business Legal;
  • Generational diversity, entrusted to the Chief of Staff & Group Integration;
  • LGBTQ+ issues, entrusted to the Chief of Finance Processes Integration & Corporate Sustainability Reporting.

The Committee does not operate alone: five working groups have also been set up, one for each area, which are open to any employees who wish to participate.

Through the working groups, we aim to encourage the active and direct involvement of all the Group’s people, because the exchange of differing viewpoints, ideas, and perspectives is essential for nurturing a concrete and shared culture of diversity and inclusion.

D&I Policy and Human Rights Policy

Lottomatica Group has established clear guidelines on diversity, inclusion, and human rights, which represent a concrete step towards significant corporate change. These directives indicate the actions and behaviours that everyone is called upon to adhere and adopt in order to understand, respect, and value each individual, promote inclusion, and foster an open and welcoming culture within the organisation.

The D&I and Human Rights Policies lay out the objectives, the commitment, and ways in which the Group intends to promote the principles of diversity, inclusion and equality of treatment and opportunity. 

This policy is also committed to ensuring working conditions that respect the dignity of each individual.

Lottomatica has also introduced corporate diversity performance monitoring, with specific social standards also being included within the Supplier Code of Conduct. 

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UNI/PdR 125:2022 Gender Equality Certification

In 2023, Lottomatica obtained an important acknowledgement of its commitment to inclusion: UNI/PdR 125:2022 gender equality certification.

This certification is part of the D&I journey undertaken by the Group, and further enriches it, thus attesting to the company’s commitment to taking concrete measures to close the gender gap and create a working environment that values the uniqueness of each individual. 

This is achieved through structured processes and concrete actions in areas such as the gender pay gap, work-life balance, parenting, career opportunities, and the prevention of all forms of harassment and abuse at the workplace.

Our commitment to combating gender-based violence

The issue of gender-based violence, which is an integral part of an inclusive culture, is a topic of major importance to the Group, which, since 2021, has been supporting the Salvamamme association and the “Rescue Suitcase” project: an emergency plan for women fleeing situations of gender violence, which provides assistance during the first few hours of leaving their homes.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Italian Judo Lotta Karate and Martial Arts Federation (FIJLKAM), in 2022 Lottomatica group organised a women’s self-defence course called SHERU, which we have decided to extend to all our male and female employees, regardless of gender.

The course consisted of 6 training sessions, and served as a moment to collectively address certain issues related to gender-based violence, while at the same time providing practical tools and strengthening individual skills through physical activity.

The AIPD project

In 2023, in collaboration with the AIPD (the Italian Association for Down Syndrome), Lottomatica successfully launched a project to promote the inclusion of people with Down Syndrome within the company’s workforce. 

After an initial training and information phase aimed at establishing the right conditions and competencies to welcome the new team member, the project culminated in their introduction into the workforce.

This project is a significant step towards the creation of an increasingly open and inclusive working environment.

Partnership with Valore D 

In 2023, we entered into a partnership with Valore D, the first Italian association of companies committed to creating a professional world free of discrimination.

Through this partnership, thanks to the initiatives, training, and cultural opportunities promoted by Valore D, the group intends to delve further into the world of D&I, so that all the Lottomatica People will have the tools at their disposal to promote the cause of inclusion, both inside and outside the workplace.